Help for wind controller

@riban, thanks. I’m happy to raise a feature request, but it sounds like my need is likely to be the less complicated version (a single engine with multiple transpose/midi, etc tweaks). Raising a request when I don’t really need it seems over the top.

ZSS = Zynthian Step Sequencer?? I haven’t touched that yet. I’ll have a look at the manual.


ZSS = Zynthian Sub-Snapshot. It is a way of recalling engine configurations quickly. (See link to docs in early post.) It allows fast recall of an engine’s configuration but not changing which engine is loaded which is a slow operation. There may be some configuration elements that are not stored in ZSS so you will have to try it and see. Report any shortcomings.

Hmm. I’m lost. I tried creating the S-S, and assigning the S4 button (configured as a prog-change), and that seems to accept it. Then when I press S4 again nothing happens. I’m missing something.

Anyway, I’ve decided to program S1 the same as the bold-snapshot and get to the favourites like that. It has to re-load FluidSynth, but it’s OK.


A general comment re:

When making remote Snapshot/Patch changes, I would like to see a large type single line “selection” fill the LCD in place of the normal UI image for a few seconds, where it could be read from perhaps 2 meters away. Perhaps an item number, abbreviation or horizontal scrolling name.

@MaxMaxis that is definitely a feature request.

@gonzoB I have programmed S4 to perform 3 functions:

  • Short press = toggle MIDI recorder
  • Bold press = Show step sequencer
  • Long press = All notes off

You need to consider how often you use the buttons and hence how likely you are to remember the different configurations of each. You also need to consider whether you can distinguish between the short / bold / long press when it is required, e.g. during performance I would not want to remember such subtlety, hence these are mostly for practice / preparation use.

I’m not sure what is happening with your experience of using program change. Maybe you could describe the requirement, configuration and result - maybe in a bug report (if you think it is faulty) or a (more appropriately titled) thread on Discourse. (We seem to have strayed off topic considerably!)

OK, new topic coming up!


Edit: I found the problem - I wasn’t saving the snapshot with the sub-snapshot embedded. All OK now. No new topic required. In my defense, the manual doesn’t actually say "save the snapshot after creating a ZS3…

Regarding Zynthian SubSnapShots. First, the “official abbreviation” is “ZS3”, as used in the documentation:

Better not adding more “imaginative” names to the confusion!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Second, this is not exact or it could cause confusion:

Please, read carefully this fragment from the documentation:

ZS3 behavior depends of the mode your zynthian is working on:

  • Stage Mode: ZS3 list shows all the ZS3s stored, no matter the layer. Recalling a ZS3 changes the active layer, so the layer associated with the recalled ZS3 will receive ALL the MIDI input. Only 127 ZS3s can be stored.
  • Multi-timbral Mode: ZS3 list shows the ZS3 of the currently active layer only. Recalling a ZS3 changes the active layer, but every layer receives MIDI input from its channel. You can use several keyboards on different channels and store 127 ZS3s by MIDI channel.

So, a ZS3 always include the “active layer” info and when it’s recalled, it will change the active layer to the stored one. This is specially useful on “stage mode”.


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Ah! That was my interpretation of the documentation so maybe we need to review the docs to improve clarity. (Or maybe I need to learn how to read and understand… but I thought I had done that a few decades ago… maybe I forgot!!!)


Ahahaha! :grin:
Dear @zynthianers, when reading the docs, please remember i’m a poor spanish guy trying to express complex thoughts on a quasi-barbarian language like english, what probably is beyond my current skills. I must apologize for the “lack of precision” on my explanations and ask for your much beloved help to improve documentation. Those interested on improving the wiki can ask me for a wiki account.



I’ve put together a portable package for my WARBL MIDI whistle:

I’ve loaded the Warbl Whistle soundfont (along with my other favourites) into Zynthian. I’m running it with a powerbank (this one’s 10Amp-hr @5V ). It pulls 800mA or thereabouts, so the life will be hours. The speaker is an old 20W Sony battery-powered one - loud enough for small groups, and again, hours of use. The speaker is not too good on bass, but it’s great for whistles.



Funny I just saw a youtube demo of the WARBL today… (Plays @ 12.28 @ 16:35 on…)

“WARBL electronic penny whistle MIDI controller - is it for you?”