Hi Zynthianiacs,

I was going to create nice icons with MOD-SDK for all the plugins which do not have already a nice modgui - they only have the tin preset gui and no knobs. I had the idea if someone of the community may have time and fun to create them? Tools for this exists (mod-sdk)…

I can write a small manual inside the Wiki. There is no need for programing knowledge:

  • only small knowledge of Linux shell (for starting/stopping mod-sdk, copying the created modguis)
  • perhaps small knowlegde of git (or using my upcoming magic Wiki article with copy & paste of some commands)

Perhaps more than one Zynthianiac can do this - if they come to an agreement who works on which plugin.


Thanks && Regards, Holger


Is the MOD-SDK already installed on zynthian?

I can help with the GUI!

Hi @rod_amaral

very nice!!! I have written down a small manual - most is more or less self-explanatory. Take a look at

Hope this helps for a first try! Maybe my english is not good and clear enough - if something is misunderstanding or not complete: please let me know!

Regards, Holger


Great! I’ll try this weekend.


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Hi @C0d3man

I installed a fresh Gongorna image and the MOD-SDK is already installed.

However I’m having some problems with thumbnails generation.

During the wizard:

Create Icon Screenshot (same error “Can’t generate thumbnail. Is your server running? Check the logs”)

Deploy: (“Error: Can’t install bundle. Is your server running? Check the logs.”)

But, when I reboot the MOD-Host and the MOD-UI and add the pedal to the pedalboard the GUI loads correctly.

Any tips?

A little update!

The error in generation of thumbnails is only taking place in guitarix plugins. (Until now)

I have generated some GUIs for other plugins successfully! The error displayed in deploy continues, but the pedal GUI is updated correctly.


Tried it out and its working as described by @rod_amaral .
They already have a nice selection of boxes and knobs available, the master files can be found here:

I’m capable of creating new png files for knobs quite easily (done it for reaktor and kontatk before using Knobman) but to get those in it looks like the files have to be included in the .css files in each folder and html for the mod sdk editor. Boxes seem to have more complex css files in the folders (they define the positions of the rest of the pedal elements)
I’ll try to get some new knobs in on saturday


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Hi @rod_amaral

hm - mod-sdk reacts sometimes strange. I had something like “Plugin: null”… and it worked. As long as it does what it should do I would like to ignore the error messages.

Regards, Holger


Knobman looks nice! Yes - making modgui from scratch means to know something about CSS… I have only a very rough idea about CSS :cry:

Regards, Holger

Me too, I had absolutely 0 knowledge about CSS till last night :sweat_smile: but the code seems very straight forward (at least for the knobs), Tomorrow, If time allows, I’ll have a go at modifying the knobs CSS to add my own.


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Hi Guys

Work in progress!


@rod_amaral Wow!!! Nice work! Do you know how to work with git? Perhaps we can create a repository where you can add your work, so all users can use the nice modguis.

Regards, Holger

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Really. A github repository is the way to go, @rod_amaral :wink:

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Thank you @C0d3man and @jofemodo!

I’m a beginner with github, but I can try to upload the MOD-GUI.

Tomorrow i’m going to work on some more GUIs and i’ll try uploading it to Github.



We can write a simple step-by-step manual (I think adding this to the Wiki would be the best way), so you should only have to use some standard commands for putting them into the repository.

@jofemodo Should I create a new repo inside github or will you do this?

Regards, Holger


I can create it inside zynthian organization. What do you think about “zynthian-modguis”? :wink:
@rod_amaral, tell me your github user name so i can add you to the development team and give you access …


@jofemodo: gogogo!!! :smile:

@jofemodo rodamaralgeo :grinning:

Perfect! You should receive an invitation from github …

Hi Gyus,

Some modgui’s: