Help ! Update ends with Error! Can´t Play [SOLVED]

In the MIDI-Log I´ve seen, that there is nothing shown under
MIDI IN or ZynthianMIDI RouterMain etc

Update again! :wink:

Anyway, please, be more verbose when reporting an error!!

  • SD Image version
  • Is the zynthian UI working or you see the error screen??
  • Send the UI logs!!!


The SD Image is 2019-09-19-zynthianos-buster-lite-1.0.0
The zynthian is not working, I see the error screen

sry, but I do not know, how to copy the ui log. It is always working.

Try updating again. I think i find the error.

Next time, for copying the logs, go to “webconf->ui.>ui log” and enable “debug”.


no success.
unter Interface i can choose UI LOg and then i can take show or hide debug.
I send a screenshot because it reports frequently "building XImage … done "

Hi Fernando,

It works again!!!

Please, send your adress. I like to make a little gift, a bottle of wine, or so.
You do a great work.
Thank you, very much! :wave::clap:


Second that!

Keep up the good work.


Ohhh! This is very kind!! I never say no to a good bottle of wine, my friend! :wink:
Although my code won’t better after the bottle is empty :laughing:

Zynthian is my current job. I abandoned all my boring clients to follow the white rabbit. I try to do my best, because i love this project. It’s my little son … but i also have 2 amazing little daughters, so my available coding-time has been reduced in the last years … jeje!

My address:

Fernando Moyano - Made Makerspace
Noguera Pallaresa 59-61
08014 – Barcelona

The best!