Help with external soundcard - Pico audio configuration

Is it possible to use a sound card like the one in the picture? I can make it work without any issues using Python programming, but I’m not sure what to put in the Zynthian webconf. Can anyone provide information? Will it improve Xruns and sound quality? I use a focusrite and the sound is incredible, but I need save space in my desktop././.


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it should work as an “Hifiberry DacLight”.
Connect RBPi to the board:

RBPI Board Signal
40 ---- 12 — I2S_DATA
35 -----15 — I2S_LRCK
12 ---- 14 — I2S_BCK
2 ------ 39 — VSYS = 5V
39 ---- 48 — GND


Thanks!!! Work fine. :sunglasses:

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