Hey! Who turned the lights out?

I woke up this morning, and turn on my PC.
I thought I was dreaming, I thought I couldn’t see.
The world was dark, the world was black.
Discourse is changed and I want the light back.


I love the dark theme!

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Who said that?

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Interface preferences

Here’s the light switch!

Unfortunately it only offers “Dark” or “Default” and someone has changed default to dark so as Henry Ford apparently said…

Discourse Model T

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Paint it black

Ah ok, it’s already done

Only people who larp as vampires use dark mode themes.

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Having spent a year eating carrots, I was finally settling to my life in the rabbit hole. I could see my way around then today someone dug me up and exposed me to the blinding light of the day. The older ones of us find it hard to handle such change and the younger ones tend to stay in darkened rooms and find such brightness abhorent.

Switching to the “Dark Theme” didn’t seem to work for me!

[Edit] The link to the light switch that @pau posted is actually a link to his light switch. You need to replace the username in the link. (@pau will be wondering why the lights kept going on and off!!!) It works!



I think i could restore the default dark mode. Those who prefer light to darkness, blood and pain, can use this link to change their preference:


Remember to replace with your user name.
Indeed, some of you could create a pinky-candy theme for zynthian and perhaps we could attract a new and interesting audience that is missing the zynthian experience until now.


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I use DiscourseHub app on the phone which was not affected. Now, hearing this, I switched it manually to dark. Much better.

Not nearly prog enough, wheres the mention of the Sun…?