Hi everyone!

hi everyone!
I just want to greet the entire Zynthian community (yeah I just walked in here today), seems like a lot of fun! Ordered my kit today so…eager to jump aboard.
I know this isn’t the most exiting message here tonight but hey it’s straight from the heart!

Vincent (from Holland living in France)


Good to have you here! :smiley:

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Welcome on board Vincent. There are many things to keep you interested here, not least the quirky people who make up this community. We are all friendly so feel free to ask us for help as required but do get stuck in reading the copious previous postings and use the excellent search feature of Discourse to find answers - they may well already be there :wink:



Thanks Riban, I will not hesitate to call out for help :+1:


Hi Vincent, welcome
The wiki is a good resource too (*):

(*) Except that the wiki link to the Zynthian software is not the good one, so please, go here and get latest build:

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@jofemodo should the wiki be updated to avoid users going to the wrong image? It seems a common issue.

Welcome to the community!

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