Hi everyone

Hi - thank you all for the help you’ve offered during my stint with the Zynthian. I have not gelled with the device. In fact, I find it infuriating - I am not a technical person and when I have to troubleshoot hardware (that I built myself, so I have no confidence that it is even done right…) it puts me in the exact opposite frame if mind that I am looking for from a creative outlet. If I have to do battle with something I do not understand, any creativity I may have been feeling is instantly vanquished.

I have the version 3 build, I have never gotten it working properly, and no matter what power supply I have used I constantly get the clicking and audio drop outs and the lightning bolt warning icon. I dug it out today to give it one last go and I cannot get the MIDI working. And that’s fine I I should have been aware that I am not someone who excels, or even remotely enjoys this kind of troubleshooting.

So… I would like to offer my device, free of charge, to one of you, if you think it would be something you could fix and give to someone who would be into it. I have no more desire to continue with it myself. Live and learn. Please PM me with your address and I will ship it to you


Wow! :+1: I already have a v4 kit so I’ll pass.
It should be possible to fix your Zynth, but I can understand your frustration and that you have no intention of doing so yourself.

I hope you find someone who can appreciate your gift and that you find another synth to spark your creativity :grinning:

Hi @steveheyerdahl

I don’t own an actual zynthian at the moment… I only have a homebrew version, and it’s fine. I would like to offer some help though. If you would like to send it to me, I would be happy to try and troubleshoot it and get it working. I could then send it back to you or even pass it on to someone more deserving as a working unit. I wouldn’t want to block anyone else from this opportunity though, so if anyone else puts their hand up, I’m cool with that too. Let me know what you think :wink: