Hifiberry connections

Just got my Zynthian kit, so I’m new here. I’m a bit confused about the Hifiberry connections.

  1. My wire colours don’t match the instructions for the audio-out connections to P5. Red and white are reversed, but the wires seem to be going to the right pins.
  2. The instructions specify the audio-in connections as connecting to pins 1, 2, and 3 of P6, but the Hifiberry data sheet seems to indicate pins 1, 3 and 5.
    Am I not understanding something?
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Hi @Gadger!

Welcome to the Zynthian Community!

Some kits have flipped the red and white wires. This is not a problem. Simply look at the black wire.
I just added this info to the wiki tutorial :wink:


Regarding this:

Hifiberry have changed the specifications for DAC+ADC. At first, they told that there was an onboard Balanced Input connector, but very recently they changed the DataSheet. Although, AFAIK, they have not officially communicated the problem, i know that there is a problem with this model and the supposed “Balanced Input” works like a simple “Unbalanced Input”.

The best you (and everybody having Zynthians with Hifiberry DAC+ADC) can do is to modify the wiring, following the new specifications from Hifiberry, so you can turn the current Mono “fake-balanced” Jack input into a more functional Stereo Jack input.

Of course, if you are really angry and want the Balanced Input, you could reclaim to HIfiBerry, and they, could consider replacing your board by a new “DAC+ADC Pro” that really have a true Balanced Input.

Sorry for the inconveniences. I have to add notes in the blog and shop explaining all this, but as i told you, it was very recently that i know about it and had no time to do it.

FYI, all the kits we are selling currently include the new DAC+ADC Pro, but we’ve not changed the documentation/descriptions yet. It should be done in the next hours/days.


Thanks for the update. I must have missed the changeover to the new sound card by a couple of days.

The instructions are mostly clear and the build is straightforward. Some suggestions to add to the documentation:

Maybe the screen assembly instructions should point out that a 2mm Allen key will be required.

Under Securing the Controllers, the line starting “Fix the 4 controller modules to the case cover using the 4 bolts and washers …” should read “Fix the 4 controller modules to the case cover using the 4 nuts and washers …”

I suggest that the instructions recommend using a support under the Zynaptic board while pushing down on the header cable to insert it.


Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have improved the wiki following your advice.


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