HIFIDAC by NEXZ, USB audio card by UGREEN

I have this audio hat but it seems it does not work with Zynhian.
Do you have some suggestions to choose the best setup?

Have you got a link to the product page?

My suggestion would be to get a real Hifiberry or a cheap aliexpress knockoff. If this presents as compatible then it’s also possible you misconfigured.

I tried another way: I have an external USB (by UGREEN) card that works.

The output is a little low: is there a parameter that I could modify to have higher level output?

Current setting is:
C-Media Electronics (Unitek Y-247A) Usb
Jackd Options:
-P 70-t 2000-s -d alsa -d hw:Device -r 44100-p 256-n 2-X raw
Aubionotes Options:
-O complex-t 0.5 -s-88 -p yinfft-10.5

I don’t think you’d wanna necessarily do that there. I just bought a Ugreen USB-C hub for my new laptop, good choice lol

…just to know if there is a parameter that boosts the general output of card

The input and output levels are normally adjusted in the Zynthian “Audio Levels” screen.

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The chip in this card is a TI BurrBrown and it’s well supported. You only need to know the right overlay and parameters.
Check the manufacturer instructions.


what do you mean?

Where do you get this card? Do you have some setup script or driver from the manufacturer? How do you get it working on a vanilla os?
Did you try to configure the card like a hifiberry DAC+, for instance?


it is from a friend, I do not know where he bought
anyway I tried to configure hifiberry DAC+ and others but it did not work
I decided to use the USB one that works

Take a closer picture so we can read the chip details. It seems a PCM5122.


Its here:

It uses the PCM5122 so it should work like a Hifiberry DAC+. Try again, please.


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Hifiberry Dac+ is the Sound Blaster of this generation.