How do I copy a wav-file from the PC via Putty to the capture folder?

Hi everybody,

I can copy from an USB-Stick to the SD-Cards capture folder.
(Raspi4 with buster lite: sudo cp *.wav /home/pi/zynthian-my-data/capture)

But I want to use the ethernet-connection and putty.
It will be more quick and easier, I think.
But I don´t find a tutorial or so.

Who can help

Have you tried this:

Hi wolfpaw98,

thanx for the qick answer. I ´ll learn it right now.!!!

You also can use the files directly from the USB-stick … simply put the files in the root.



Thanx, Fernando, and yes, I know that.
My dream is to configure my whole equipment with one progchange-command to the snapshots. What I miss is the possibility to call one audio-file in one snapshot. Than I don’t have to push a lot of knobs between the songs.

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Difficult to manage. Currently snapshots doesn’t include anything related to captures.
The “captures” system of zynthian is only a quick & dirty patch that has grow up a little bit, but it will be replaced/improved for something cooler … more DAWish :wink:

Anyway, i will think about your use-case … if i understand correctly, you would like to auto-play a given capture when you load the snapshot, right?


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I have problems:

  • in my putty download has no PSCP
  • and if i try to open Pageant nothing happens.
    What is the “private SSH key”? Do you mean the ip-adress?

Please excuse my bad knowledge, but I´m a very newby wih this things.

fyi: I think for my purposes PSFTP is the better option …

Permissions can often be the cause of problems with PSFTP, read the error messages carefully, especially which end of the relationship is having problems.