How do you activate the buttons S1-S4 under the display?

I have the Zynthian Kit v4.5.
I have got everything setup and work except the buttons under the display S1,S2,S3 and S4

In the webconfig I have

Enable Onscreen Buttons & Enable Touch Widgets: under UI

And under Wiring Customizable Switches

Extra Switch-1 Action:
I set all to UI Action on alla 1-4

But still nothing happens. I can press on “BACK” on the display but not on the button.

II have the latest updates via the webconfig.

Any ideas?

Hello Slutsteg, it’s simple, you have to go here: http://zynthian.local/hw-wiring Then activate Advanced view And finally, further down, one can choose the desired functions on each button. I did this and it works (don’t forget to record :slight_smile: and restart)