How much RAM (4 vs 8 GB)?

I notice the latest v4.4 Zynthian kit is available in both 4 and 8 GB RAM versions. Any thoughts on how much RAM is needed / used in practice? In my case I’m not so much interested in storing lots of large samples, or recording audio, but rather using the various synth engines and some effects. So I’m thinking 4 GB would be more than enough, but there are perhaps other aspects that I’ve not considered. The price difference is not immense, but still about 10% of the complete price.

I am running fine with 4GB if that helps. You can check out some of my song posts here.

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4GB is sufficient. In fact Zynthian currently uses 32-bit OS which can only address 4GB (user space / application) so 8GB has limited advantage. Few of the Zynthian applications / engines use lots of memory hence are unlikely to benefit from the extra RAM - however… it will migrate to 64-bit at some point and it will add / change engines which may benefit from extra memory, e.g. a good sampler might find that useful.

You can always replace the Raspberry Pi at a later date if it is beneficial and you may find that approach to be more efficient, i.e. buy what you need now (4GB) and upgrade to what you need in the future when it may be better value (due to Moore’s Law).

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I’m running with 2GB! It’s fine.

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