How the displays work together


I am on the path of setting up Zynthian as an add-on to a pipe organ. So the device will be designed and configured, then a snap shot will be taken of the configuration so that it will always power up to the right configuration. Because this is the goal, the normal display and controls may not be necessary. So I am trying to learn what all the options are.

List of displays
3.5 inch display
This is the workhorse of Zynthian where the Zythian-UI is normally displayed

Normal HDMI output
This can be seen

  1. On the normal HDMI connector on a standard computer monitor.
  2. On the standard 7 inch raspberry PI display.
  3. On a remote display that tunnels into the RPi using SSH
  4. Some of the synth engines use this display to show additional setup parameters (such as Aeolus).

Other remote displays

  1. You can sign in to a webpage from a remote computer to adjust Zynthian settings
  2. You can sign into a different webpage to see and adjust MOD-UI. You first have to start MOD using the normal Zynthian UI.

So finally we get to the question.
If you do not have a 3.5 inch display, it is possible to use the normal HDMI output to see the Zynthian UI. However, it you do this, you will not be ale to see additional synth engine parameters (such as Aeolus). So if you want to use additional synth parameters, you have to have the 3.5 inch display.

Do all of this seem right to you guys?


Absolutely no problem with using the HDMI output as the display default on a zynth. I tend to use my linux laptops for Putty X-window in to operate control panels like Aeolus ( haven’t used it for more that a casual click around but IT should just work)

The webconf originated as a setup tool and holds pretty strictly to that. IT cannot switch patches etc but it is the only place you can rename and ident the various files the zynthian uses.
Once they have been edited they show up as the new name on the UI.
So one would save a snapshot with new snapshot and the zynth would give it a numbered name (0005 say) then you go in with the webconf (laptop, separate raspberry pi . . . ) and change 0005 to “Excellent Organ”. It would now appear as the that in the UI.