How to adjust pianoteq effects? -> Using the Pianoteq LV2 Plugin!

Hi Zynthian community, I’ve had a Zynthian for about a week and I’m in LOVE. Thanks to the creator and community for bringing this amazing tool to life.

I have been a Pianoteq user for a couple of years. It’s wonderful. When I saw that Zynthian could play Pianoteq, I snapped one up. The results have been terrific.

The FX on Pianoteq are great and I’d like to be able to adjust them on the Zynthian. Since they were made for Pianoteq, they naturally work better for Pianoteq instruments than the FX on the Zynthian. I don’t see a way to adjust or select the type of/amount of amp or reverb for instance from the Zynthian. Am I missing something?

I can do it through the Pianoteq interface on a Mac with the Zynthian connected but can I adjust them through the Zynthian interface?

I searched the discourse and couldn’t find an answer. Thank you for your advice.

Hey Jude, welcome to the community. You are right, Zynthian and Pianoteq are great but the standard access to Pianoteq from Zynthain does not expose many parameters. You can access the Pianoteq GUI via x-forwarding or more recently via VNC which may offer a solution. Another option is to load Pianoteq LV2. You need to enable this from webconf Software->LC2-Plugins. The LV2 presentation of Pianoteq provides access to many of its parameters from Zynthian controllers. This may provide you with the interface you need.

Will these directly unavialable parameters still be possible to map to an external midicontroller somehow? Making realtime adjustments without connecting to a computer possible?

Pianoteq maps its parameters to MIDI controllers by default. If you open the Pianoteq GUI you can change this mapping. Unfortunately this mapping does not persist. You could submit a feature request for such an enhancement.

Hi Riban, thanks for your thoughtful reply.

I am able to adjust parameters through the x-forwarding GUI but I’d like to be able to adjust parameters from the Zynthian when it is not connected to a computer.

I enabled Pianoteq as an LV2 plugin but when I try to assign it to a layer, the Zynthian will not move past the MIDI channel select page. Pianoteq won’t load as an LV2. I wonder if the problem is that the LV2 is Pianoteq 6 while my licensed version on Zynthian is Pianoteq 7.1. Is there a way to load Pianoteq 7 as an LV2?


Hi folks, I hope it’s OK to “bump“ a post like this. Thanks everybody

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I am able to control pianoteq effects as well as headlessly switching the instruments with MIDI CC messages. The secret is in the settings of Pianoteq were you have to choose full implementation of midi controls, make necessary changes and then set it as defaut. Works great for me. Switching the pianos is also very fast. Almost everything you want can be controlled from the controllers (can be Touch OSC too).


Sounds like good news. I must get a Zynthian. :grinning:

@oortone you definately should get one not to miss all the fun !

So much gear, so little time. :sunglasses: