How to boot after shutdown?

Very sorry for the very newbie question. I’ve successfully mounted my Zynthian kit 4.4, updated the software, plugged my digital piano, added layers… And shutdown the Zynthian.
My question is how to start again the Zynthian? Currently I unplug the AC adapter and plug it again. Is there any more convenient way to boot?

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There is reboot available in both the admin section of the gui and system in webconf.
Once you power off there isn’t a way of bringing the pi up again without disconnecting the supply. Personally I use a power supply with an in-line switch for this. The other possibility if you are prepared to solder on your pi board is connect a switch to the reset pins and it will restart the device, but this isn’t for the feint hearted.

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Hi @CamelBipol, welcome to our wonderful community. I hope you enjoy your experience with Zynthian.

As @wyleu says, there is no mechanism in a standard Zynthian to start it up other than interrupting the power supply. I would warn against using an inline switch because it can add to the impedance which may cause reduction in current which may in turn trigger xruns (clicks in the audio). There is a mechanism absolve to power up a Raspberry Pi by connecting ground (0V) to pin 6 but this must be momentary because pin 6 is used for I2C communication. It would be nice to have such a feature, maybe a button on the back of the unit.

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The Pi board is not completely powered down on shutdown.
(An orderly Linux shutdown is necessary to guarantee the SD card doesn’t get corrupted)

A post reporting: RPi 4 consumes 2.5W when shut down

Particularly for the case of a battery powered setup, there’s really a need for an external power management device that effectively disconnects the power source on shutdown and can restart with the touch of a pushbutton. Examples along those lines:

The PiWatcher

Pi Power github project

PiDog2 was mentioned in 2018

Something offered on Amazon
Product Documentation

System with backup power

Another Pi UPS device

Discontinued WittyPi