How to contribute via github?


Hi all,

I have to come out as a github noob - yes :smile:

What is the best way to contribute to github projects? This is the way I am thinking of - but I am not sure:

  • fork project to my own account
  • create a new branch inside my forked repo (really necessary?)
  • code, test, commit
  • if I think the software is stable enough: create a pull request

Is this the right way?

Thanks, Holger


Fork it for a new project.
But just a branch could be enough.

You don’t need both


Try to use a branch only. Switching is easier :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks.

But forking is needed if I havn’t access to the original repo, right?


Yes. But fernando can change that.


If you develop multiple features simultaneously and use a unique branch,
you need attention for commit and send pull requests.

Adding indiscriminately changed files in commits in a branch that was requested a merge request may, in addition to adding new features or fixes, add errors of unfinished functionality.

Also, even if you do:

  1. I will do commits first only of functionality 1,
  2. send a pull request from feature 1
  3. then commits the functionality 2,
  4. send a pull request from feature 2
  5. after functionality 3

If the team takes time to accept the pull request from feature 1, the functionality 2 commits (which will probably be unfinished) will go along with the pull request from feature 1.

I recommend a branch by functionality, always starting from the code in zynthian production.

You can see a development “flow” using multiple in branches:

Other examples are:


Hi Paulo,

many thanks for the links. I will read them carefully.

Regards, Holger


Hi @C0d3man!

Currently you have write access in these repos:

  • zynthian / zynthian-modgui

If you need write access to some other repository, don’t doubt to ask :wink: