How to get Pianoteq presets to Zynthian


Sorry if this has been asked and discussed before, but I really couldn’t find anything.
How can I get my presets I’ve built on my computer to Zynthian?
When I choose Pianoteq in “Library → Presets and Soundfonts” it just shows white screen.
I also couldn’t find anything from the manual how to manually update files to Zynthian.

I get the part how to actually install them to Pianoteq (via VNC), but how can I get the files into Zynthian?

Please help.

Anyone? :slight_smile:

You can upload files to zynthian using webconf LIBRARY.

When I go to Library and choose Pianotec 7.4 Standard, I get this screen (blank). All others show presets and the ability to upload them.

Please file a new issue here

And attach a preset file (makes it easier for me to develop it)

Thank you!