How to load SFZ

How do I load sfz files for Sfizz? The sfz comprises a sfz file and a series of samples, and it seems that I have to load them in compressed form. That’s easy to do, but should they all be in a directory first? Should the be subdirectories? All the samples should be .wav files??

To date I’ve only loaded sf2 files for FluidSynth and that is pretty straight forward.



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You have to prepare a zip containing a folder. Inside this folder you have to put all the files, samples and sfzs. I recommend creating a subfolder for the samples and putting the sfz in the top level. You can put more than one sfz (instrument) in each bundle.



I couldn’t find that info in the manuals. Maybe I missed it, but if not, then it’s worth including for the user who is less-familiar with sfz.



Put your sfzs in a folder on a USB stick. My folder name is: 0Favs.

Plug it into the Zynthian USB port

Using Terminal, launch a ssh session: ssh root@zynthian.local and enter password.

Navigate to the USB stick: cd /media/usb0

Now copy the folder to the user sfz folder in Zynthian:


cp - avr 0Favs /zynthian/zynthian-my-data-soundfonts/sfz/

You can also make directories in sfz folder: mkdir Piano

and copy the contents one by one from your folder to the Zynthian using scp command:

scp . root@zynthian/local:/zynthan/zynthian-my-data/soundfonts/sfz/0Favs/Piano/

(should be shift 8 . shift 8 or wildcard.wildcard - for some reason the board filters the wildcards)

(Downloading and etching the stable image for a third time…)


Thanks @samriccijr .

I was actually after the format of where to put the .wav files relative to the .sfz, but your comments have been helpful. I haven’t been able to see any of the files on the USB stick I tried previously, and I figured I was looking in the wrong place on the Zynth, but it turns out the stick was NTFS. I tried a FAT one and it works. So thanks for that.


The easiest way is to put the .sfz and the .wav files in the same folder. You can have multiple sfz files in a folder too.