How to save wiring in patchage?

Hi all,

I have connected a Behringer Neutron to the audio input of Zynthian and I added some audio fx layers. Just to see how it works, I changed the wiring to the image hereunder:

I saved it to a snapshot.

After rebooting I noticed that the wiring was back to the original settings:

Is there a way to keep the settings I made?

You can’t, sorry. It’s a planned feature but not implemented yet.


All patching must currently be done within Zynthian using the context menu of each engine to select what its inputs an outputs connect to. Changes at that level are stored in snapshots. As @jofemodo says, we aspire to a more complete state model but that is not yet implemented. You can do quite a lot with the zynthian audio routing so may be able to create a configuration that suits you.

Yes, that works fine. Thanks.