How to set up cheap 3,5 inch touch display

Hi everyone,

Just bought this;

Looks good and a friendly price!
When I select display in the webconfig and select Piscreen 3.5 screen V2, it starts working right away. Didn’t even have to rotate the screen in the settings. One little issue I found is, that the touchscreen is reversed left and right. Up and down works fine.

How can I reverse the touchscreen function?

Little he says . . . .shudders :smiley:

I’ve not tried the new touchscreen align admin option but I suspect it was written in frustration :smiley:

first, you have to update zynthian software through the webconf. Our lovely team has added a touchscreen calibration tool recently wich will be accessible after reboot in the UI admin menu.
Keep us informed if it works well (or not).

Thanks le51,

just did the Update.
Screen calibration works fine in Admin, good work!!!
Problem solved.

Another hardwardish question; in Zynthian start up and powered down, the display goes white.
Is this fixable?

The only way i found of preventing it was to kill the supply to the display which gets a bit involved.

Ah, was afraid of that. Not a real issue, maybe a something for a future upgrade??

Another thing; I’m about to order the basic kit V2. By the looks of it. I’m missing a part.
There’s only one 40p header supplied. To connect the ribbon cable to the display, one needs to solder a 40p to the hifiberry, so I miss the one for the module kit.

Am I correct, if so can I order one extra?

Ok, got an extra 40p header supplied with my basic kitV2 order. GREAT SERVICE FROM THE ZYNTHIAN PEOPLE!!!

Now i’m getting to the next phase in completing my unit.
I tested my cheapo display directly on the raspberry, works great. Now I want to use the ribbon cable supplied with the basic kit to connect the display which is now build in my case.
Problem: the ribbon cable and the display both have female connectors!!

How do I make the connection, do I need some sort of male to male adaptor?
Where can I order these?

something like this ?


Thanks for the response LE51

Sadly enough that does not work, the display stays dark!
I measured with an ohmmeter what happens to the wiring. It seems that this adapter reserves the pin
order up and down! So pin 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 1, 3 becomes 4, 4 becomes 3 etc.

So to use that properly, one has to change the position of the connector from top to bottom of the flatcable to restore the pin order

Anyone has experiance with this??