How to stop UI learning MIDI?

Frustrating… as I keep getting into learn mode as if by default. In my case the mixer page (for my soundcard pcm out) keeps getting assigned.
A reboot clears it, but it is as if the UI learns all the time.

It needs a switch in webconf so that learning is OFF by default. I’d prefer a spreadsheet styled interface to allow Channel/Controller mapping to be routed to layer parameters per synth, effect etc.

BTW are there any predefined assignments for each instrument/FX when you add them to Zynthian? Should there be a list of these?

There are if the original dev has programmed them, it would be on a per-engine/effect basis though. We don’t have a list at the moment.

Are you using a touchscreen? It is too easy to enter learning mode from the touchscreen interface. If this is your issue the try raising a feature request to change behaviour.

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Yes a Waveshare USB/HDMI 7-inch (Why not metric? Are parts of China still Imperial?). It’s currently mounted to the top of my previous Zynth (Pi-3) case whilst connected to the Pi-4 I am testing (it has a cooling fan running without driver) which precludes the use of the old case, a dead D-link router - the search for a new home has begun!

Sorry, touch interface is quite limited and MIDI learning and controller change can collide if your touch gestures are not accurate enough.

Please, open an issue and we will try to address the problem …