How to Summon Entities with the Zynthian V5

This video shows you the basics of sequencing (or looping) with the Zynthian V5. It’s very much beginner friendly, so if you’re not super familiar with synthesizers or sequencers this might be really helpful! The only other gear used is a basic AKAI MPK mini.

I highly recommend the Zynthian V5 for loopers, rappers, or solo performers as you can make complex, multilayered tracks live with minimal equipment.


Hi @cbolorinos !!

The video is amazing mate!!! Congrats!!
But … now i’m scared of the “Shadow Song Spectre” and i’m afraid of playing my zynthian. I wouldn’t like to choose the wrong sounds and end in a dark dimension like you. What i really want to summon is the “belly dancer”!! :heart_eyes: I will try after exorcising zynthian labs … shit!!!

The best!