How to use Pianoteq only as a resonance generator?


From version 8.0.0 onwards, Pianoteq STD and PRO allows receiving audio signal (audio-in) from other sound generating sources to operate as a resonance generator.
The idea is to use a piano via sampling on channel 1 (Linuxsampler), take the audio output and send it to Pianoteq to apply the resonance, thus giving greater capacity for creating different sounds.

There are some videos on YouTube demonstrating this strategy:

I tried to apply this strategy in Zynthian but I’m not succeeding, when in addition to VNC on the desktop (port 6081) I see that the patch-bay does not present the Pianoteq inputs.

Am I doing something wrong?

This is not currently supported in zynthian. We have to integrate the pianoteq’s audio input, and this will be in the new chain manager branch. Current stable branch doesn’t allow this kind of routing.


I only have PT Stage so cannot work on this.

Is this use foreseen for Pianoteq in this new branch? Or was it not on the roadmap?

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It’s time to upgrade your Pianoteq @riban, the STD is much cooler to use.
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This should be possible in the next version using audio routing or side-chaining.

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