How Zynthian was born? Don't miss the interview with jofemodo

Hi Zynthianers!

It is a pleasure to put the link to @jofemodo’s interview on the blog
You can read it in Spanish, English, German, French…

I am sure that some details of it may reveal unpublished facets to you.
Enjoy it!


Hi @erasmo!

Thanks for the opportunity of telling some old tale :wink:
It’s been a big pleasure to answer your questions.

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Thanks a lot! The pleasure was mine!


It’s a nice interview, hope to see some follow-up with tech tips :slight_smile:


Thanks @erasmo !

An absolutely delightful reading. It has been lovely of @jofemodo to expose some personal, existential and ideological aspects behind the Zynthian, in a chatty and relaxed way.

I had guessed from the first time I heard of the project that its peculiar name might have been something to do with Zynaddsubfx, arguably the software synthesiser in the world with the hardest name to pronounce :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and an embodied testimony to the marvels of a free and open technology.

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Thanks @erasmo ,
I enjoyed reading this interview. Google translate has mostly done a good job. But “!!Suena Carajo!!” was translated as “cela ressemble à merde” (merde in french = shit) :thinking:

And @jofemodo describe exactly what Zynthian is and why it is so enthusiastic. Thank you mate.

and the full story behind v5 hardware conception:

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Hi, guys!
Thank you everybody for reading.
I think all of us are very interested in Zynthian world and all of the ins and outs that move around it.
This is a great community :grinning:!!