Howto assign a relative Midi CC from external controller?

Howto assign a relative Midi CC from external controller to a control within a chain.
Absolute Midi CCs are working pretty, but I want to assign a controller sending relative Midi CC events to a control (i.e. cut-off…). I tried with the BeatStepPro with the 3 different relative modes but until now withou success.
Autodetect relative Midi CCs is set within the webconf pages, saved and zynthian is also rebooted.
When I try to assign a relative midi CC event like normal by midi learning on the control, it only sets this control to the 2 possible relative midi values (i.e. 63 or 65 respectively for relative mode #1).
How does the autodetect work? I don’t have a glue… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I also searched the discourse/wiki, but until now with no success…

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I’m not sure if zynthian translates the relative midi cc so it might depend on the plugin you use if it supports relative MIDI cc or not.