HW Alternatives to HiFiBerry


Hi everyone!

Ive already searched the forum for similar threads, sorry if I’m re-asking.

I’m from Chile (next to Argentina) and as I see in the map, there’s no Zynthians here yet.
Shipping to my country is a little high (maybe i’m too greedy? lol) but just the hifiberry is more than $50-60 usd, so I was wondering if theres is any alternative.
Cheapest option for my country is China, since most of the products are free-worldwide-shipping, but I cant find hifiberries at AliExpress or similar, so, can I work with any of these?

Sorry if my question is too stupid, I’m not a really board-person, but I can plug, solder and code :slight_smile:

Also: I’m interested in this project for a very particular reason, I live in a very small apartment, and when I arrive at home sometimes I want to play music, but just thinking about moving the laptop, moving the midi controllers plugging, moving stuff… I simply give up before the beginning.
The perfect solution would be a standing alone mini synth keyboard, but already having midi controllers, I should put my brain to work instead of just keep on wasting money and space lol.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


I tried the PiFi DAC thing but couldn’t make it work. I got the HW running and could play wav files with Mplayer. But it didn’t work out of the box with Zynthian. I think that it needs some tweaking of the Jackp settings but I couldn’t work it out & started to use Hifiberry instead. This was a while ago and Zynthia functionality has improved since then. There appears to be support for different soundcards in the Webconfig but I don’t know who has used them.


Hi @edocastri!

Any I2S device should work with some tweaking in the configuration files. Once you get the device working on Zynthian, we could add your config to the configuration system, so the device will be officially supported.

Some people already got working some cheap I2S device from AliExpress:

I’ve a pair of these cheap devices waiting over my desk … i would like to make some tests, but my TODO list is quite long … :persevere:



If someone already did it, it’s enough for me to try it out.
Thanks for the reply, love all around zynthian <3