I forgot my webconf password


I must have changed the password to login to the web server, because its just looping, asking m to login.

Help. I have logged in before… but… ??

Thanks in advance - Mark

Are you using firefox? Sometimes it doesn’t work well. Firefox is dead imho, because it doesn’t allow ssl logins of untrusted/expired certificates or non-ssl anymore. In the past you could “ignore” it.
Try a different browser.

Ah, yes that was it. Chrome works.

Thank you.

This is becoming more prevalent and will be the norm in all browsers soon. Do we need to consider a solution before that happens?

Actually I doubt that.
I agree, that it should be the case for every login being ssl.
But do you really think, that every IoT device from china will be provided with valid certificates? Most companies are cheap and they don’t want to invest those additional bugs for security.

If chrome decides to do that, they will open the door for a new browser.

In our case. We need to create a certificate with open_ssl. And have to check the validity of the certificate every time we power up.

To make it clear: We don’t use SSL and Firefox declined a login. We are not providing a wrong certificate.

Currently, Webconf is not HTTPS, so we don’t care of that. Of course, if we start using HTTPS, we should implement the right mechanism for updating the certificate … and i’m pretty sure that we will find problems with it :wink:

Regarding the @markdavis.md6’s problem, i’ve found similar problem from time to time and normally it get solved by deleting the webconf’s cookies :wink:


Please don’t spread Fake News, Firefox still allows you to have logins with self signed (untrusted) certificates, expired and insecure certificates are blocked, but that is a responsible action.