I hate usb ports

I just accidentally broke the one connection that controls everything.


Should have used an optical TOS-link :joy:

How’s the screen?

Hello, there may be a way to do something by welding

That’s why I always attach an extra usb b for durability. The problem is not usb, is micro/mini usb.

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I bought a Novation MIDI Controler Keyboard on Craigslist for $15, the owner had torn out the USB connector and botched the replacement. Jumper wires and a bit if glue got it functioning.

While OK on the outside, everything on the inside is extra cheap, the baklite PCB was behind the connector failure, the keyboard uses no hinges or springs, just bendy plastic.

The same thing happened to me with an Arduino Pro Micro… I was lucky that the tracks didn’t tear off… I solved it with the hot air soldering iron.

Hi @MrBroccoli,
i use magnetic micro-usb cables. That works fine for me. Maybe that will help you too.



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