I have 4 balanced jack-TRS and no unbalanced jack-TS

Hi I’m new in this forum.

I just recived the zynthian kit today. I was triyng to follow the instructions on the wiki, but i cannot find the unbalanced audio output jack-TS.
Instead I have four balanced audio input jack-TRS.

I don’t know if there is a problem but I have no experience in electronics and I’m very confused. I need your help :tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face:

Hi @Andres!

We made an error with your order, but don’t worry, the right connectors have been shipped some days ago, so you should receive them very soon.

Excuse the inconveniences …


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Thank you so much. I will wait for the new connectors.
Do you need the return of the old connectors? how can I return them?
And how can I get the tracking number for the shipment?

Well obviously we’d like a :face_with_monocle:

Economically and ecologically speaking, I would say that shipping 2 connectors is not the best idea… The best would be to add some local goodies to the parcel… like some local handmade beer or wine…


“… add some local goodies to the parcel… like some local handmade beer or wine…”
beer cans maybe - I added a bottle of wine well padded to a parcel with a bass pickup (I ordered the wrong type) and the bottle broke and the parcel was flooded with white wine … the result therefore did not match the intention .:frowning:


As I said, I have no experience in electronics, but I have made wires before, I feel that I can make this connectors knowing the exact materials and having a detailed instruction on what to make.

I found this. I need to know the names of the rest of materials and the instructions.

I’m waiting for the connectors, but I’m impatient for the zynthian. Also, to be ecofriendly is another good reason for DIY the connector.

Hi @Andres!

As i told you, the connectors was shipped 2 weeks ago, so you should receive it very soon. Let me check the tracking …

The connectors you found are 3.5mm ones, and you need 6.25mm connectors …

But … you could use the 2 TRS connectors you already have. It’s not difficult at all. Simply join the grounds of both connectors (S = Sleeve => Shield => Ground), and the 2 signal pins on every connector (T & R => Tip & Ring). After that, connect to the Hifiberry like that:

  • R => Signal from right connector
  • GND => Common Ground
  • L => Signal from left connector


Great. I’m sorry for my impatience. I totally understand the mistake, I really love the zynthian project and I can’t wait :grinning:

I will try to follow the instructions in the weekend.

Thank you very much.


I have to say that I recived the outputs yesterday and they work perfectly.

I’m very happy with my new zynthian.

Thank you so much :grinning:



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