I have a new love

god i so wish this was a real thing at this price.

You’ve not had a deposit down on a Moog have you … ? :smiley:

It would make sense if it were a cosmetic repackaging service or kit, using your donated ($500) Minilogue. The panel layout exactly matches the Korg, indeed as if the guts were transplanted.

(Looking for other tricks, I found the basic shipping is under $6)

This is real right? Please say this is real. PLEEEEEEEASE!

Wood on the front panel is going to look grim after a couple of years of consistent use. Wood on the endcheeks to absorb knocks and bumps is more traditional.

First the good news… The synth is real. Its the “Carrier 37” by Swedish designer Love Hultén.

The bad news is that you’ll have to fork out a bit more cash judging from the actual price tag. These are hand made items based on the Korg Minilogue, although you can have one custom made using a different synth if you like.

The design is inspired by the Commodore SX-64 (aka. VIP 64). For reference, here is the SX-64.


… and the Love Hultén Carrier 37:

I would really encourage everyone to check Love Hultén’s web site which includes some beautiful and inspiring designs.