I sold a Zynthian!

I was just told that my band’s other keys player has ordered herself a Zynthian.

She saw me using it in practice, and I wasn’t even using it overly much, mostly just Pianoteq and a couple string samples, but after visiting the store and being unimpressed with what was on offer at prices far higher than a Zynthian, it made her curious enough to want to try it out. I let em borrow mine for a week and they excitedly placed their order yesterday, I’m told.

Better be careful, @jofemodo - this could explode on you at some point. One endorsement from an actually-famous musician and your life could get very heavy.

Meantime, all of you, be jealous, for I live in a TWO-Zynth town! :>


I hope to see such an event :wink:


We love the Zynthian got it yesterday and jtode help me get it up and running, Really easy.
Let the fun begin!! Thanks @jtode and @jofemodo