I want to use HDMI #2 out as default. The default is HDMI #1 out

PRI 4 has 2 micro HDMI connectors. I want to use HDMI #2 out as the default. But currently default is HDMI #1.
Anyone can help with an advise on how to switch those around?
Thank you!


Hi @sinitsinmike , good question.
For sure this should be doable.

But right now I have no idea and no gear under my hands To test this.

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Found the way, and it works:

  • Open a new terminal window and edit the config file by using the following command:
    • sudo nano /boot/config.txt
  • Now and add the following lines to the file:
    • hdmi_edid_file:1=1
    • hdmi_edid_filename:1=edid.dat
    • hdmi_force_hotplug:1=1
  • Save the file by pressing Ctrl+X then selecting ‘Y’ to save

Just be aware the web config rewrites the config.txt file so it will revert depending on various things.

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