I would like to help with the Wiki

Hello everyone. I’m looking to purchase enough zynthian parts to build a rig myself, and I have been looking at the wiki a lot to find the information I need. The information there is very helpful, but the wiki shows that it has been written by someone whose first language isn’t English. I would like to help out by re-writing the wiki pages, starting with the build guide, so it’s easier to read. Would you be interested in that?


Yes. My poor english … :relaxed:

Your help is really welcome, @chris.krakou!
I 've created a wiki account for you. The login details are in a private message …


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No problem. I will get started right away.

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Your spanglish is perfect ! Much better than my rusglish (ruinglish hehe) and hinglish :slight_smile:

In my opinion wiki is great as it is and there is plenty information for constructing or modifying zynthian. Still, lot’s of things can be improved on the way to perfection. For instance if all the schematic diagrams could have separate dedicated page with all of them in one place, would be much easier to find and use them.

@chris.krakou - thank you for getting involved :slight_smile: !


I have cleaned up the UI Users guide and the v3 building guide. Which other pages take priority? I’m hesitant to update the v2 and v1 pages, since they’re obsolete.

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Hi @chris.krakou!

Thanks for your work! I learned some english (that i will forget, of course :rofl:) reading your changes.

You could continue with:


I believe everything that is immediately accessible from the wiki page has been fixed up, except for the guides on how to build the v2 and v1 Zynthians.


Should we :face_with_monocle: him or not…?

This job is getting increasingly confused . . . .

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I’m not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?

THis wiki entry kind of explains it . . . .

The page you linked somehow managed to make me more confused. I think you’re going to have to explain it like I’m five.

It’s a long standing ‘joke’ round here. We ask for sound samples as a reward for advice given. I got charged with the job of ‘asking’ people and the :face_with_monocle: was the symbol that got used in the requests…

It’s a very peculiarly English form of joke; confusion to purposely misunderstand protocols which is what I did with your excellent offer to update the wiki ( I’ve done a bit of wiki work myself and it needs doing) so in fact my intention was to say thank you for your work in a way that involved this ‘quaint’ little tradition . . .

Some like it, some find it irritating. . . It keeps the churn up, is my excuse.

Sorry for the confusion. It genuinely is an appreciation of your effort. My only defence is someone liked it … :smiley:


@wyleu, you are the great master of confusion!! Now i’m sure … :heart:

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I aim to please and often miss. . .


Maybe he read your parts, Mr Native Speaker.

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Cut @wyleu some slack - he lives in “the north” where they all talk funny :rofl:


Equally is how I feel my loathing . . . . (see, I put the verb at the end, That should please somebody . . . )

Ignore the recidivist techies crawling out of their retched holes, blinking in the cold grey sunlight, @ chris.krakou your contributions are gratefully received, please stick around and help, we get a lot done and we try to keep it friendly . . . .

Try harder :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we’re given
Use them and let’s start trying
To make it a place worth living in

… and this can be took as a sample :stuck_out_tongue: