iC2 LCD 1602 with Zynthian

I’m trying to use an ic12 LCD 1602 with Zynthian (raspberry pi 4) I don’t need a touch screen nor a big screen. All I want to obtain is few details on the screen,that’s all otherwise I would’ve loaded all the programs and obtain a bigger screen but ain’t what I want a the moment. I intend to use only the OB-XD.

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Hi @Mar! The warmest of welcomes to our community. You are engaging in a task that currently falls outside of the supported workflows which means you will need to invest some time in implementing this. We are in the process of developing more separation of UI from core functionality which may help with such an endevour. I suspect that you will need to write a module that presents your 1602 as a device that displays information obtained via an API-like connection to Zynthian. This would certainly be simpler to do after the refactor but for now you could try to use OSC / MIDI interfacing to CUIA. Otherwise you need to dig into the code which is about to change considerably (and to be brutally honest - is rather challenging to comprehend in its current (stable / testing) state!)

You may benefit from defining the behaviour and workflow you want from your proposed system. It can help to clarify what interfaces and monitoring / control is required.

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Thank you for response lots to grasp here, I’ll keep the provided information in my file for further work.