If I assemble a second Zynthian

if I assemble a second Zynthian, with different hardware (less powerful PI) I have same questions:

  1. is it possible to retore a backup of zynthian-my date? (I think so)
  2. can I useWebconf for both? in the same time?
  3. Same basic suggestions ? I would like to avoid loosing settings and snapshots.

Unrelated question: which is the origin of Zynthian name?

1 - I am pretty sure yes, though there might be incompatibilities with past versions, I would imagine.
2 - each one will have its own IP address, so as long as you know how to sort that out, yes.
3 - not much to suggest, other than, have fun :>

According to this blog, it would be the combination of ZynAddSubFX + Synthesizer + Debian

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