If I could... test with Zynhian


a short playng…TEST … hope you like it and Pat can forgive me!

SETUP Zhynthian:
Layer 1: ZynAddSubFX — Dual Strings (with some less value resonance /cutoff/Volume)
Layer 2. ModU ----- Rhodes Vintage (Autopan)


Bravo Mauro !!! If you can …post some other Test !!!


tnks! ill try in the future… maybe with some Vangelis pads… they are AMAZING!


Very nice Vangelis…i contact @Axeman to go to the meeting in Torino i hope to meet you also !!


Yes…I really hope to be there too!


Really nice demo! Thanks for sharing …

I’ve added this demo to the Wiki:


Please, feel free to add more when you have more time or inspiration :wink:



Really nice!! Specially the ending notes…:wink:


Shouldn’t we have the option to share the settings / snapshots as well?
How did you set it up anyways?
mod-ui or non-mod-ui?
What I mean is that we should share the snapshot file as well as the soundfile.
Of course it will be impossible for setups that used your own soundfiles.
Or are we talking about a section in the wiki so that you have more space to describe your configuration, share links of soundfiles etc.


+1 to the @mheidt proposal!


Briliant idea: post edited!


Isn’t Rhodes Vintage a Fluid-Plugin, so that you could use it with fluidsynth instead of modUi?


well… as i say i’m a superNoob of zhynthian…so first i’ll try to undestand what you have say… then make it properly! :wink:


No. It’s a MOD-UI patch by @C0d3man. It’s based in the ePiano plugin, and included by default in the gorgona SD image. :wink:



hm…raspi2 here :frowning: