Import midi file and use it as pattern

Hi, I was wondering if there is any possibility to import midi file into the sequence as .mid file.

Any suggestions?

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Yes this is already an implemented feature as detailed in the user guide .




I am following the import instructions from wiki to load SMF file into zynseq. It always fail (freeze) very early in the load. I thought that maybe something is wrong with my mdii format so I extracted SMF file from sample patterns e.g. “burkina_01” and try to reimport the same - this also fails.

I am on fully updated oram and MINI V2 hardware.

Please raise a ticket. We haven’t looked at that for a while.

Issue raised. Thanks.

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I don’t see the issue. Where have your reported it? You should ideally use the button on webconf’s dashboard.

Zynthian-ui. Webconf works ok and upload midi file into captures - where it should be.
It fails when i use zynseq ui to import midi file into sequence inside arranger screen.

Please report all issues using the zynthian-issue-tracking repro and ideally using the massive button on webconf dashboard:

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Ah, ok

I have transferred the issue to the issue tracker.

The fault is due to a change in teh sequencer that provides better resolution. It should be fairly simple to fix. Leave it with me…

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I see @riban that you have transferred it. Thanks.