Improved Audio & MIDI recorder

Hi @zynthianers!

Some little improvements on Audio & MIDI recorder:

  • Added track duration to file lists on UI & webconf. Both audio & MIDI files.
  • On UI, now wav, ogg and mp3 files are shown, but when several formats are detected for the same filename, only the most important one is shown, being the precedence order: wav, ogg, mp3. This allows, for instance, to delete wav files after compressing to ogg from webconf. Beware that deleting from UI will delete all formats for the selected filename!!



@mheidt, the upload audio & MIDI feature on webconf would be really nice to have … :innocent:

Great, many thanks. That’s even more then what I was waiting for !

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Dear Zynthaniac, please use GitHub to request new features. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dear @mheidt, there is an open task from 6 months ago:


pulls up seat and makes himself comfortable . . . .

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don’t make yourself too comfortable. There is something you can test.

Independent sources told me that the new feature is usable now. Aka the boss is happy with it.
So now wav, ogg, MP3, mid or midi files can be uploaded. Even multiple files can be selected.


It works!!! :smiley: