Improving usability on bank/preset selectors. [Feature suggestion - sorting presets by name]


Dear @jofemodo and other fellow Zynthian creators and contributors !

I am very happy with the way project expands and really impressed how fast @jofemodo manages to improve and update things (special thanks for that). Just wanted to express some minor point in usability, that could probably help everyone with huge list of presets some engines have (ZynAddSubFx for instance).

I’m talking about the feature of sorting presets by name (ascending or descending for instance). In my opinion it could improve navigation and overall experience from the native gui, Maybe there will be even search option in feature to locate a specific preset among all of them.

Just an idea.

Andrei :wink:


Agreed. The Nord Modular breaks patches down into categories

  1. Acoustic,
  2. Sequencer
  3. Bass
  4. Classic
  5. Drum
  6. Fantasy
  7. FX
  8. Lead
  9. Organ
  10. Pad
  11. Piano
  12. Synth
  13. Audio IN
  14. User 1
  15. User 2

It also offers sort by Programme number, Alphanumeric order or Category.
There was a fair bit of debate on the Modular forms for the G1 about this and the G2 implemented the results of that conversation.
The major issue is there isn’t a default keyboard available in the Zynth so you can’t really search by name only order and categorize.


Maybe it could be as an option in some menu ? Or as a global option in webconf for all (or separate synth). It could definately make everything more organized, neat and clean. Needs extra brain storm how to implement it :wink:


I think we should open the brainstorm:

How can we improve usability/ergonomy of bank/presets navigation?

Should i change the topic title? :wink:



And we should realize it with OSC in the background.


Please change the topic if you like !


Link to a technique or application?


What about some kind of “favorite/ranking” system?

For instance, the system can estimate “how much” you like a preset/bank by accouting the number of times you select it and how much time you “actively” use it, etc. Then, bank & presets can be sorted using this “like” value.



That is certainly a good approach, and how about a swipe left/swipe right sort of approach combined with previewing patches? The first thing I do with a new bank is go down the list trying them so that you can quickly whip throu a bank of patches rating them as you go?

Another Nord Modular 2 feature is the mutator which produces random values for the parameters to inspire new sounds. Mind you ,you still have the problem of coming up with a name and a category . . .


I would wait with swipe and other “modern” gestures until raspian supports it. I am missing multi touch f.e.


A simple yes/no from the encoders would work just as well, or one of the un-allocated encoders could simply be turned clockwise for yes and the other way for no. In fact how far they are turned could be used to indicate degree of affection or the opposite. . . .:smiley: