Improving XY controller parameter selection [Vcf res and freq on same page]

hi there i was wondering if it would be possible to have vcf frequency and resonance on the same page in some modui plugins (jx10,Nekobi,etc) or maybe another page layer to choose which controllers to map to x,y touchpad.


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Hi @martindunne!

Moving some controllers to other pages wont solve the true problem. What we need is to select whatever 2 parameters to the XY controller. I’ve think about how to solve this issue frequently, but until now i haven’t found a decent solution. Perhaps it’s time to open the question to the community and make some brain storming :wink:

The problem: Currently the XY controller works by clicking 2 parameters simultaneously. This is pretty intuitive but in that way you can’t select parameters from different pages.

The goal: We need a way of accessing the XY controller selecting 2 parameters from different pages.

The restricitions:

  • We don’t want to add new hardware (switches, etc.)
  • We don’t want to change, if possible, the behaviour of other functions. We want to change the workflow as little as possible:

Some ideas? :wink:


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Could the MIDI filters do something?

Presumably we are ultimately looking at mapping two independent MIDI control channels onto X & Y?
Are there not two user approaches to this…?

  1. The considered performance set up.
    User wants specific control of two parameters for a specific performance, which if it is part of a particular piece in a performance is pre mapped so a midi filter setting could be loaded and the existing double press used to activate the x-y controller. successive presses could rotate through multiple x-y controller mappings but that is probably lots of code and little actual user use . . .
  2. Wild and wacky I wonder what that could do…?
    Hard to set up but perhaps random selections might address this user case? Mechanisms like the Nord Modular 2 patch mutator do this, in that you can produce random patches with limits on which parameters are included in the random mix.

Without more hardware you ain’t going to get much more intuitive functionality and the more complex the ‘special’ modes the less people will probably access it.

What about this:
If You are on the x-y controller screen, bottom left-right encoders control the x-y values (useful without touch screen). Upper left-right encoders change the x-y controllers with short (1-2 sec) CC number and name presentation on the screen. Buttons behave as the other screens, exit the x-y screen with the Back button.

MIDI is not the only mechanism used for changing parameters. OSC is also used, and MOD-UI uses its own specific protocol (websocket).
When the MIDI-learning is implemented for all engines, that could be a way, but it is still not a straightforward method of selecting 2 parameters for the XY controller screen.

This would work, but It’s a 2 steps way and worst, you have to repeat the selection everytime you enter. Anyway, IMHO it’s the best proposal until now :wink:


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Hi @Zynthianers!

I’ve implemented a new workflow for the XY-Controller. It works like that:

  • Double click 2 parameters/switches => Enter XY-Select mode
  • XY-Select mode => the 2 clicked parameters are pre-selected and looks highlighted. Rotating any HW encoder will change the pre-selection. First X axis parameter, next Y axis parameter. If you rotate another one, then X axis again and so on, until you “push” in the middle of the display. You can navigate the parameter pages using the HW controls, but not with the touchscreen.
  • When you push in the middle of the screen, you enter the XY-Controller
  • When you click “back”, you go back to the XY-Select mode and can change the chosen parameters by rotating the HW encoders.
  • When you click “back” again you return to the normal Instrument control mode (highlighted parameters return to normal state)

This workflow is experimental but solves the problem quite well. I would like to get some feedback from you …


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hi there using it in modui with jx10 i dont seem to be able to get a range its either off when i am moving the xy and on when i go off the edge of the xy screen.


It’s working now with float values, but the pre-selection is failing with MOD-UI.
I will fix it tomorrow :wink:


working well now great solution to the problem many thanks

It’s fixed now. It should work perfectly with all engines, allowing selection of parameters from different pages.

Please, send feedback and … if somebody figures a better workflow for the XY-Controller, don’t hesitate to tell us!!


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Just a reminder that the wiki still refers to the old method of assigning XY parameters :wink:
Edit: nvm the new method also doesn’t seem to work, was this cut?

Btw I wouldn’t mind contributing to the wiki from time to time… :smiley: