Incompatibility between Kit 4.5 and current stable OS?

Has anyone successfully gotten the latest kit (v4.5) working with the Zynthian OS build dated 2021-09-25?

I am start to suspect that there is a incompatibility between that OS build and the current state of the hardware that is leading to my problems described in this thread: New Zynthian 4.5, stuck at splash screen - #9 by pmags

If someone else can confirm that they’ve successfully built a v4.5 kit and gotten it working with that version of the OS it would help me greatly in trying to determine whether I have a problem with my build, the underlying hardware is faulty, or there is a software problem.

Hopefully my 4.5 Kit will be delivered today. Maybe in the evening I can boot it and am able to report.

Hi @pmags !

The latest kit works with the latest software out-of-the-box. If it doesn’t, probably there is hardware problem somewhere.

Let’s find the problem … and let’s fix it :wink:


Got my Kit V4.5 today, assembled it and it worked well! First boot took some minutes.

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Thanks, @Lumm – glad to hear your experience was smooth!