Infinite Blinking on HDMI out

Anyone experiencing a White screen but working system (thru SSH) and Blinking screen while loading and viewing on HDMI output?
Just like that:

With last zynthianOs buster lite.

I get the same thing when using my behringer 404hd setup as my audio device but it isn’t plugged in to the USB Port. so there may be a mis-configuration of your audio device.

Happens with zynthian hardware, nothing else attached. But meantime i’m having continuous trouble with any os image… im not able to load zynthian of any version :roll_eyes:
[updated] solved last issue, was my fault. but for sure there is something wrong on zynthianOs buster Lite

ZynthianOS Buster is red. We have not working images yet for buster. You should be using ARUK-RC3 until Buster builds are green, and anyway, remember that if you want something stable, ARUK-RC3 is, currently, the only stable and supported ZynthianOS SD image.

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Yes. Wirh rc3 everything works (some bugs apart… but normal)

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Report the bugs, please!! :wink:

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