Input Jacks

Hi Fernando,

quick question regarding the input jacks.

My V3 kit came with the hifiberry standard back in the day. From what I understand it has 6 pins on the board for inputs. The original input jack of my V3 is connected to pins 1 to 3 which I understand it’s basically the connection for the right channel.
So I guess I could connect the additional jack you included in the shipment to pins 4 and 5. But there is only 1 ground connector on the 6 input pins on the hifiberry. Can I simply connect the black cable of the second input jack to a different GND pin on the hifiberry or would I need to solder ground of jack 1 to jack 2?

I’m not an electronics expert so I hope I was able to explain well enough what the issue is.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Have a great weekend.


Ground is ground, if it’s the same ground :wink:
I mean, normally, in a given device (i.e. the Hifiberry soundcard) all the pins lebelled as GND are the same, so it doesn’t care what you use. You should use the more convenient or the nearest one. Anyway, you could test that it’s the same ground with a multimeter.

I would use a little piece of wire for joining both connector’s grounds :wink:


Black is black, I want my baby back,
Ground is ground, I want my baby bound, oh oh…

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