Installation issues blinking screen


I am trying to install Zynthian but keep having issues with a screen that blinks a lot and asks for login that I cannot seem to satisfy. Screen shot attached. Zynthian.local never seems to load. I’m on a Mac M1 so is that the issue?

Hello, other Zynthian users will be able to answer you better than me, but in general it’s that the hardware options are not the right ones. therefore, to solve this problem, connect to your Zynthian, either with an ssh or http client. Http being the simplest solution:


Then enter the connection identifiers and change the hardware parameters according to the hardware actually used.


Got it! I was also using Safari which wasn’t connecting. Working fine with Chrome. Thanks!

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Your picture shows that your audio hardware is not well configured: jackd server strart and then stop. This service, wich rely on audio hardware is mandatory for Zynthian UI to start.

Are you trying to run Zynthian on a Mac M1? If so then you will have some interesting challenges! Please detail your hardware and software configuration.