Installing onto stock Raspbian(Buster) on Rpi4 4GB

With the recent climb in Pi prices, I am deciding to wait out buying another RPi to use as a dedicated Zynthian(for now.)

I know what I want to do is likely not preferable, but I am wondering if it is possible?

I have a Pi running the “official” RPi Buster based OS, which I use as a PiHole, and as a RetroPie machine, and sometimes even just as a desktop. I could use separate SD cards, but I like the simplicity of it being all in one, not having to reboot if preferable, etc.

From what I have found, I may be able to run the, and install Zynthian? Has anyone tried this? If so, does it work, at least half decently? Does it break anything else, for example pulseaudio?

It’s not a great idea as Zynthian expects everything to run as the root user. It would require much wrangling to get the jack stuff running as root and expect that to sit nicely with a standard user doing stuff with pulseaudio. Also if your using it for a pihole the network stuff will likely cause many xruns on the audio plugins.