Installing Salamander

Hello Zynthian People,

I’ve tried to figure this out myself without success. I’d like to be able to play the Salamander piano on my Zynthian, but I don’t know where to begin to install it.

First, my download from the Salamander website appears to be a Raspberry Pi imager. So, that doesn’t seem right for Zynthian.

I connected to my Zynthian (http://zynthian.local/) and looked at the LV2-Plugins and I don’t see LinuxSampler there to enable. Nor can I see SFizz or anything else I might recognise to play the Salamander samples (which I don’t actually have).

Can someone please give me a few clues how to get Salamander on my Zynthian?


I don’t know if there is a lv2 form. I found a git project with an sfz file. So the following procedure should work (I tested it)

  1. step - Get sfz file - Go to GitHub - sfzinstruments/SalamanderGrandPiano: Salamander Grand Piano v3 48KHz 24bit
    Click on the green “<>CODE” button and select the Download Zip option. After clicking, the file will start downloading. When finish go to next step.
  2. step - Go to on Zynthian webconfing - http://zynthian.local/
  3. step - Select Library / Presets & Soundfonts
  4. step - Change ZynAddSubFX on Sfizz or LinuxSampler
  5. step - Make new bank - write name (for example “piano”) and click on plus symbol
  6. step - select by click new bank (for example MySZF/piano) - after this on the right side you can see Bank name, download and upload button
  7. step - Click on upload buton, select zip file from the first step and click on upload. Wait for uploading… it take over half minute (in my case)
  8. step - the screen will return to the Presets & Soundfonts screen with the sfizz or linuxsampler banks. Now you have to wait, zinthian will unzip the zip file and do other stuff. In my case it was about a minute. After this will be read for playing
  9. step - Final - In Zynthian make new synth chain, select sfizz or linuxsampler, set midi channel, select MySFZ/piano bank and select SalamanderGrandPiano-master… it all :slight_smile:
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Salamander Piano is already included in the Zynthian image. Sfizz and Linux Sampler are right there near the top of the list of native engines.

  • Main menu
  • New Synth Chain
  • Sfizz - SFZ Player
  • MIDI CH#1 (or whichever you prefer)
  • SFZ/Pianos
  • SalamanderGrandPiano V3…

I try Search Musical Artifacts: salamander and find nothing

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Ultimately, it was user error – I was too busy trying to install Salamander etc to realise that it was already in the Zynthian image. Thanks @riban for pointing this out.