Internal midi routing

I am hoping to use Zynthian as a usb midi host to control external hardware as well as using the internal synth engines and FX.

I have a raspberry pi4 with IQaudioDAC+, headless set up with latest stable version. To this I have connected an Akai LPK25 keyboard via USB. I have a Korg NTS-1 synth connected to USB and a subzero SZMB-44 4in 4 out midi interface also connected via USB. I have tested this set up with the SZ connected to a single Korg volca. The Volca is set to receive on midi channel 3, the NTS-1 set to receive on channel 2 and I have a synth layer in Zynthian on channel 1.

When I set the midi out of the LPK to channel 1, it plays the Zynthian as expected. If I change the midi out channel of the LPK to 2 then it plays the zynthian is not triggered as expected, but both synths play at the same time, despite them both being on different midi channels.

I want to be able to change which synth I am controlling by changing the midi out channel on the LPK2. channel 1 for Zynthian, 2 for NTS-1 and 3 for Volca, but I am not sure how to get Zynthian to send each channel separately. Is there a Midi FX layer that would do this? Is this something that can be done using midi filter rules?

I am using Zynthian in multitimbral mode and have Route Midi to ouput ports turned on.

Thanks in advance

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Maybe this will work: set up channels 2 and 3 as plain midi channels with the X42 Midi Channel Map filter. I tried setting up a plain midi channel with a midi thru filter, but that repeatedly locked my Zynthian. Then again, mine is configured to Stage Mode, maybe it’ll act differently in Multitimbral mode.

I tried setting up the midi thru filter but this crashed my zynthian too.