Introduce yourself!


Hi @lod!

Welcome to Zynthian!
Nice music … :wink:
Good luck with the mounting! I hope you can integrate a Zynthian Box in your setup very soon!



My name is Adam. I’m from Poland. I’m civil engineer and amateur home musician. I’m very proud because now I’m the owner of new Zynthian Box! :smiley: I’v managed to mount all by myself (even PCB made with permanent pen). Juppi :slight_smile: Tomorow I will send few photos. Thanks to All but especialy to José. José, I am full of respect for you!! Great work and thanks for this community share. I’v got few questions/ problems but i think that it should be asked in another thread.


Congratulations for your succesful building! You are really welcome, Adam!
I’m impatient of see your zynthian box … jeje! :wink:

Kind Regards!



Just a quick hi really. I’m Don, currently based in Asia, originally from UK.

Stumbled across Zynthian whilst searching for something else, and very impressed with what you guys have achieved, very nice, and like the open source way of things. Hackability = right up my street !

Nice to meet you anyway.

I have a couple of questions hardware related, will post separately.



I’m Sergio (AKA Axeman), from Italy.

I found Zynthian while searching for a completely different thing, and as an analog synthesizer fan, I loved it from the beginning.

I already had at home a bunch of RPi3 used for other things (my VideoRecorder’o’death built with LibreElec and 4 DVB-T receivers, a RetroPie installation, a PiPresents installation, an Oktoprint controller, and some other device not worth mentioning).

I had no specific Zynthian hardware so I assembled a version using a HDMI 7" Touch display, a USB audio card, and some 3D printed encoders, the same day :slight_smile:

It worked, but I think drivers for the audio card are too unstable because jack service crashes after a minute.

But I really liked it. Now I’m waiting for the HiFiBerry DAC and the PiTFT to build a “regular” Zynthian version.


Welcome on board, @Axeman!

I hope to see your Zynthian Box in action very soon … jeje! Send some feedback when it’s ready …

Kind Regards!


Sure I’ll send some feedback (and STLs for the case I want to print)

For now, this is the interface on the 7" 1200x600 display… A little problem is that it scales “responsively” but with the original font size, and the capacitive touch screen, it’s almost impossibile to select an entry with the finger :slight_smile:


Try to change the font size in the GUI config file :wink:


Hello Axeman,

im using also a 7" screen (1024x600). You can edit the config

nano /zynthian/zynthian-ui/

Find and modify the following lines


Its not finished yet but I have taken a picture as an example for font size:

I have not yet found a way to increase the frot size of the controller windows (those in the corners) … maybe someone else?


Hello, John.

My Jackson Charvel guitar have a MIDI Shadow converter yet!


my shadow is currently on the shelf. am using axion but because of no support I am testing the triple play with its foot controller. Nice it is wireless but not convinced yet.


Hi all,

Bob here from Manchester, UK.

I’d been thinking about making a Raspberry Pi-based synth for ages but all the dreaming and research I did suggested it was a project well beyond my non-existent coding/soldering DIY skills.

I’ve been working on my Zynthian kit on and off for the past six months or so. I wrecked two DACs in the process and ended up with circuitry that looks like it’s been soldered by an alcoholic chimp. In short, I had absolutely zero confidence the finished thing would work. But it did!

This lovely little box fills digital-shaped hole in my mostly analogue setup & I can’t wait to take it to my band for some live fun. All I need to do now is brush up on my keyboard skills!


Hello everyone!

I’m Max from Italy (Turin) and I’m a DIY enthusiast and musician. I fix keyboards and fiddle with knobs, piano keys, bass strings at times and I also make custom effects.
Zynthian looks very intriguing and I hope to build one soon - I’ll take a look if I can find part lists / schematics for the knobs and I/O.


Hi @awambawamb , I’m from Turin too… if you need hints for the parts just let me know.


Sure thing!
… but can we make names of shops/parts providers here on this forum, in case?
The main place where I get spare electronics is a small business in Turin, but for the RasPi3, the shield and the screen I’d use amazon.


I don’t think that giving some physical shop address will upset someone, and in that case there are private messages on Discourse :slight_smile:

But keep in mind that I often order electronic parts in batch, and Zynthian parts are no exception. If you need the 4 encoders and the I/O expander, I have spare ones for you (not the photocoupler for MIDI IN, that one was hard to find, and I have just one left for my next Zynthian)


Hello to new Zynthian users !!!
The Italian’s community is the bigger!!
I am also from near Turin …and i have realized the Zhinthian from del Jose kit.
I am not a musician but only a electronic and music fan.
If you need some info/help contact me also in private message…

Good job!!


Hi @awambawamb!

Welcome to “Zynthianity”!!
No problem with shops, providers, etc. You can put everything that is Zynthian related … feel free!! :wink:

Kind Regards!

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