Introduce yourself!


Hello Everyone!
My name is Miguel, I’m a sound engineer from Sevilla (Spain) but based in London (UK) for the last 10 years.
I found zynthian when searching for a standalone synth/sampler tinker box (and now a fx processor as well :scream: ). I’m still in the process of putting together my first zynthian and hopefully I’ll be able to add my 2 pennies worth to the project and community (mostly in the form of sf2’s, patches, pedalboards and if circumstances allow it, some demo videos). I believe the potential of this project is humongous!!!
Go Zynthians! :raised_hands:


Hi, I am Miguel and I am from Mexico

My goal is make a Zynthian module, because I always dream have a Korg 03w (even If I dont live in that golden age era, sorry, I am 00’s kid), but is outdated and obsolete in the market, so I cant go to me nearest music store and buy a new one, so I want to make a based replica using Zynthian for replace my laptop where I use kontakt to play live

My favorite sound: “The Dynopiano” (Sorry, I love Christian music, Marcos Witt, JC Alvarado)


PD, If someone wants a Korg 03w/Korg01w samples/soundfonts, sysex presets, kontakt patches, refills, etc I will share It for common use


Hi Miguel and welcome!

haha - Me too! :grin: I had a Korg M1, a Roland D50 - both selled years ago. Until now I own a DX7II and a Rhodes E-Piano (yes - the 66kg version - very handy :smile:).

I don’t know if there is a plugin arround which emulates the Korg03w…

Regards, Holger



I have a D50 and a real Rhodes Piano.
But havent opened it for years. The sound in the NiceKeys sf2 file is good enough :slight_smile:

Do you hear a difference between the dexed sounds and your DX7II?


NICE!!! I made a check up for my Rhodes (from - now it sounds really nice again!

I haven’t had time to make a check between the real DX and Dexed. My DX7 is in the bands rehearsal room… but after the nexts gigs we will try to replace it with much newer and lighter equipment (Roland A880pro and Zynthian :wink:).

Regards, Holger


Hello everybody!
I am a firmware engineer with a strong interest in music and musical instruments. Unfortunately I’m not a musician…
I’ve been introduced to this wonderful project by user @videobelu several month ago but I have just started getting some components.
For the time being I have got a Raspi3, a 3.5 LCD and a Audio Injector board.
My plan is to build a Zynthian box in the form factor of Korg Volcas synthesizers, so to fill my 4th (empty) slot.

I’ll let you know about my progress.

Many thanks to you, @jofemodo, for your work. I read you live in Barcelona. I LOVE that city.


Hi @all!
My name is Jordi and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Ontinyent, a city of south Valencia, but currently living in Valencia (Spain).

I’m violinist since I was 7, and currently learning to play the keyboard. On the other hand, I am finishing this year my studies in Computer Engineering.

Integrating the above, I became a raspberry pi lover and its open-source projects. Especially musical-related projects, like this! I found Zynthian project thanks to a simple google search about midi synths on raspberry pi, and what I found made me fall in love!

I would love to collaborate on this project once I finish my studies, now I have no time.

I have come to stay! Zynthian is awesome!

Regards! Jordi.

PD: Yesterday I tried my freshly baked Zynthian on stage, and the sound technicians fell in love with the device. The sound quality is really impressive! Congrats to @jofemodo @C0d3man and all involved in this!


I forgot to mention that the original design for the Volca rack was made by Oliver Dowie.

If anybody here happens to be interested in building one, the design PDFs are linked in this page:

I just added the internal cabling for power (just holes for now, Volcas are battery operated), synch, and audio,plus an internal passive audio mixer.



I’m wyleu from Cheshire in England ( a small island of the coast of Europe ),

I have aPi2, HIBerry Amp+ with slimserver and a lot of disk that plays ogg files, and a seperate Pi2 Amp+ that I would like to use directly as a midi controlled sample player and synthesizer.
I would probably build as headless in the hifiberry amp case with (maybe the encoders in the case) and run remotely from a separate 7" display pi.
I’ve just spent a day or so trying to get jackd to run with the Amp+ and assume if you’ve hooked up a DAC then this is a solved problem.
I’ve run fluidsynth and amsynth successfully on a 386 based PC with ubuntu xfce so now keen to get it onto the nicely minimal pi rig.

I sing, play 12 string guitar and have used Nord Modulars for all kinds of bit’s and pieces, generally at a couple of open mikes in Sandbach.


Hi @wyleu!

Welcome to our community!! I hope we can help you with your experiments and ideas!! :relaxed:

Best Regards!


Why thank you!

Much already done. I’ve had the Amp+ making fluid & zynadd noises, Still getting my head around midi and how it’s handled with jack, ( I have a Akai MPK mini USB based kbd that throws up the odd message and occasionally is temporary unavailable, I’ve also wired four encoders into the hifberry Amp+ plastic box on veroboard (they just fit) and am looking at wiring them up, I imagine I will have to puzzle out how to mod the code to deal with the two i/0 ports that are routed via the 2/1 board. I’m using hdmi out to view the display by haking the fb settings. . .

Progress !


Hi All,
I am Arno, from France close to Angers.
Musician, I own a ROLAND Jupiter 50.
Linux user for the past 20 years and 2 raspberry at home.
Electronic engineer in the railway industry.
I have been seeking for RPi project like this for the last 2 years. I just found this site today. !
I am checking with a colleague to join kit orders ;o)
Very good job guys !


Hi @arnog!
Welcome to the Zynthian community!
I hope you enjoy building and playing your Zynthian Boxes :wink:


Hi guys im Daniel. Im 36 and live in melbourne australia. Been djing for 20 years and just started to focus on production. Computers were putting me off but zynthian is exactly what ive been wanting. Bout to order all my parts today


Hi @Psyfun!
Welcome to the Zynthian community! I hope you get lot of fun and good noiz3s!! :wink:


Hi all,

Came across this group when searching for ways to use my USB-MIDI keyboard to act as a controller for another true MIDI device.

I am currently learning to play piano (keyboard PSR EW400)

I am a definite 80’s tragic, music and retro arcade games :slight_smile:

Heavily into using Arduino microcntrollers, just starting to tinker with Raspberry Pi’s.



Welcome to the Zynthian community, @Jamie!


Thank-you jofemodo looking forward to leaning about the Zynthiam project.
Only ever mucked around with mi Raspberry Pi using the Retro Pi project. Yeah a bit of a sucker for 80’s arcade games.
On the flip side I also take any opportunity I get to go out bush with my telescope to take photos of deep sky objects. To quote a Tron movie “Knock on the sky and listen to the sound”.


Hi everyone,

My name is Eamonn. I’m a 30 years old, Brussels based, musician.
Mostly singer and guitarist but I have been working more and more on arrangements and composition lately and want to get more serious on the keyboard and piano.
Open-source and technology are big topics of interest for me and I’m glad I’ll be able to merge them with music in Zynthian.

I just ordered a kit and can’t wait to start playing with it.

Also, I take this opportunity to thanks all the contributors to this awesome project ! :slight_smile:




Hello fellow zynthianers from all over the world !

My name is Andrei Demidenko from Moscow / Russia and I am 43 years old. Trained professional performing musician in European classical (Moscow State Conservatory as a pianist, State music college as pianist and organist) and Indian classical (learning and playing Indian tabla, bansuri, santoor and sing in ancient dhrupad style from 2001, from 2007 and on in India) ways. Compose and perform music in mixed styles and genres.

Have several other music professions: sound recording engineer and producer (radio, theater, studios), piano technician from 1992 (worked for 7 years in Yamaha Music Russia as Yamaha Disklavier pianos specialist). Had experience in restoration and repairs of old pianos and organs in Russia.

Semi professionally do music videos, mostly inspired by India.

From 1990 to 1992 was a part of Theremin Center - electroacoustic music center under the wing of Moscow Conservatory, had some experience to electronic and experimental music. Wrote and performed some live sound tracks for animation films and theater plays.

Currently take part in two music projects:

Ananda Lila project (Vimeo, Soundcloud)

Auroria (Youtube channel)
A couple of live performances on Youtube 1, 2, 3

For electronic sounds I use iPad pro with ton’s of synths and stuff (Magelan, Beatmaker 3 as sampler, AUM, Borderlands, Thimbjam, Loopy HD etc.) and now slowly trying to use Zynthian hoping it will replace iPad to make all the setup more light and powerfull at the same time.

Among the hobbies, I make lot’s of stuff including music instuments mostly from natural materials. but also from plastic with great help of 3D printer.

Synths I have now: novation a-station, nord micro modular, evolution ev-1, OpenTheremin v3
Effects: Eventide Space

Zynthian is an amazing project and I don’t have enough words to thank @jofemodo and all the team that made it come to life and continues developing, supporting and contributing ! :pray:

This small “music box” has a potential to replace the most of other synths and music instruments in my live performance gig !

Go on guys, surprise us more :grinning: :pray!

Sincerely yours -
@dhrupadiya aka Andrei