Introduce yourself!


There is something rather magical about saying that sort of thing…

This is one Tessa wrote for an LP we did a while ago . . .

Your piece reminded me of this… Thanx. :smiley:



maybe my second piece will be that good, maybe Tessa will help me



Hello all.
I play the piano as an amateur.
I use Linux to do music since many years, try Zynthian connected to a HDMI screen and now have got m Zynthian box :slight_smile:

My midi controllers are:
Nektar impact lx88+ :
Akai ewi usb (don’t try yet on Zynthian)

Just to say, Zynthian is great, thank you



Exceellent !!!

Now guess what I’m about to ask in my nicest, sweetest, prettiest voice? … . . :smiley:

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You’re going to demand a truffle-shuffle, aren’t you?



Look It was either this or two years in community service, and guess which I chose …?

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Sorry Iguyome45 , this is a bit of a tradition but don’t feel intimidated, it’s lovely to hear anything people have done with a zynth but it’s not essential, just a bit of fun…



I will make, maybe an old french song, at the level of my skill

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So not french but belgian, I make the record with usb pen drive but have some bad noise, only on record.
The first one, Jacques Brel Amsterdam, pianoteq with tal reverb effect:

The second, Robert Miles Children, with a bass soundfont and pianoteq:



The recording function is not working very well… i will try to solve it ASAP.


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I am Walt, a hobby musician and professional electronics engineer living in the English seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea. I have very little formal music training but dabble in whatever I can, mostly guitar. I have a selection of instruments including MIDI keyboards, wind, guitar and drum controllers which I intend to dust off and drive my new Zynth. I have been designing and building a synth for the past few years (actually, probably decades!!!) but the latest iteration was so similar to Zynthian that when I read your blurb I decided to abandon (or mothball) my efforts and try this - so far, none too shabby. I want a device that I can program and control with lots of knobs (like we did in the 1970s) but can also be used as a simple and small live tool with recall of all those lovely soundscapes so plan to have a hardware controller for sound design and a box (or two) that lives in my gig bag.

I have been using gnu/linux since the turn of the century and am an advocate for free and open source adoption. I participate in several open projects (and host a few) and have much experience with project management, issue management, version management, release management and test management. (That is a lot of management - like a Hale and Pace sketch (for our UK viewers) :slight_smile: ).

I hope this project turns out to be the panacea I have been looking for and allows me to make music rather than just design the tools to do so. I have read a lot of the discourse and you look like a fairly friendly bunch. I may stick around…



Welcome aboard! Please accept a complimentary glass of champagne . . .

My Parents live in Harwich . . . Did you visit Maplin in Southend…? :smiley:

It all sounds similar to my own journey. . . .Trying to build something around a hifiberry amp and wondering how to get latency down…

It’s like the 70’s build but now you get a community . . .

…Even if it’s only this one … :smiley:



Yes, I remember Maplin when it was just that little shop on the A13. Later I used to connect to their dial-up ordering service via an acoustic coupled modem and be excited at being presented with a text based menu that I could traverse, slowly… Maplin had a chequered history and rather lost its way. I long since stopped relying upon it for my supply of electronic components. Farewell old friend :cry:



You have stepped-in with really good energy, Walt! Welcome on board!
We have a lot of funny work to do by here … I hope you enjoy a lot in our little Zynthianverse :grinning:


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But is now fixed !!! Hoorah!! Details . .